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tv   Lower the Vote Raise America  CSPAN  April 6, 2016 6:50am-7:01am EDT

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>> during the campaign, c-span
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takes you on the road to the white house. >> this monthly showcase is of the annual competition. this is the "road to the white house." we asked what issues you want the presidential candidates to discuss. 10th-graders at montgomery high school want to discuss lowering the voting age to 16 in a video titled, "lower the vote, raise
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america." >> a big problem is a lack of political participation. in 2012, only 26% of the eligible voters participated. be on thet should forefront of political debates. the 26th amendment expanded voting rights to those over the age of 18. population is on -- is unrepresented, more than 8 million people. willing the voting age increase political participation and foster a generation of
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habitual voters. states, the local voting age during -- turnout.ery high however, the election is closer to 10% stop >> people do not know there is an election. hard to engagey voters in that. tim proposed legislation to lower the voting age. voting came up one we were looking for ideas and scotland was considering a referendum and it became an idea where we said, "why not.
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the benefits can be smaller and we see what happened. >> the political landscape has undergone positive changes in the decision. where see a segment people feel more engaged and look at the working of the city government. toelections opened 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds has opened up the electorate. >> it is about forming habits and seeing when you are is a painting and that continuing to have. >> that is not the only reason they decided to lower the vote. has negativete drawbacks. >> you are somewhere new and you are voting and are less
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connected to issues that you care about and you are more like more care and be more focused and interested. argue that people should have a voice on the issues that affect them personally. >> it is amazing how much of the debate is about schools, common people are not involved in the discussion because they do not have the right to vote. finds that you cast a first ballot and you are more like the to have the habit
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the rest of your life. >> the argument against voting age is that people are unknowledgeable. say do not think anyone can that 18-year-olds can make decisions and a 16-year-olds cannot. i think the age groups are similar. lowering they, voting age helps to raise turnout in local elections. chance to start voting at a convenient time and place. a problem andis democracy depends on activism isn and part of the democratic society.
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be on a small scale at first. it could make a substantial difference. >> lowering the voting age will improve the system to be an issue approved by the candidates in 2016. >> watch all of the prize-winning documentary's this year. >> it tells a story that is not will you thought and they talk about what madison was encountering. keeping those narratives straight was confusing for a while.
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"madison'scusses hand." the notes on sheets of paper and full the them in half. he put them point, into a manuscript. was that theticed last quarter of the manuscript did not match and it confirmed a suspicion that the end of the manuscript had been written later. this inonderful to get person. >> washington journal is next and will look at the news and phone calls will stop tsa will
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testify on airlines eesti. 10:00. live at this afternoon, remarks from some of the challenges facing willand john kasich deliver the state of the state 7:00.s in a town at we will get an update on the primary results. swann would join us. the taxlk to kyle from foundation. later, a discussion about
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obesity from terry arnold. as part of our spotlig on magazines. you can join our conversation on phone, facebook, and >> the great state of wisconsin. [applause] >> with our victory tonight in sevensin, we have now won out of eight of the last caucuses. [applause] ♪ the wide margins of victory over their front running rivals in wisconsin last night. ted cruz and bernie sanders breeds new life into their respective presidential campaigns. --


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